Keeping your customers and workers nearby

Your customers are on the move and so are your sales and service professionals. Market research shows that nearly three-quarters of businesses plan to increase their mobile workforce in the coming year. The reasons are simple. They need to get closer to their customers and respond more quickly to their needs. Vocabra creates and delivers voice-enabled customer care solutions that put time-critical information in the hands of mobile workers and increases the visibility of mobile worker status. Our commerce solutions extend the reach of the web to give customers voice access when they can't be online.

Our voice-enabled web-portals act as a communications layer for your customer care applications, making it easier to communicate directly with your customers. And not just your customers... but those who interact with them as well. Your sales, field service and customer care reps will also gain easier access to the information they need. They'll serve more customers, close more deals and resolve problems more quickly. And the faster they respond, the more your business grows.

Activity Management

Collect time & activity status (e.g. workorder, travel, inspection, etc.) from mobile workers using any mobile phone. Improve workflow management, increase utilization and improve job costing analytics.
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Service Notification

Confirm service appointments and solicit immediate customer feedback on service quality. Lower customer frustration over uncertain wait times and resolve service quality issues before they become systemic.
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Order Management

Receive self-service orders 24/7 and process payments via web and/or phone. Collect payments in the field without expensive equipment and extend e-commerce capability to customers on the go.
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Alert & Escalation

Issue alerts via voice, email, SMS to field staff, contractors and customers. Receive confirmation and escalate as necessary to keep critical path actions on track.
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